OSHA High Score

I started the morning right with a Coffiest Soylent and felt great working through lunch. I got to play with Sara’s Pixel 2 XL briefly, and I think I’ll be alright with the size once mine comes in.

I had to climb an 8 foot ladder to replace a projector lamp this afternoon. That would have been exciting enough on the next-to-last rung, but I also had to span the ladder across two lunch tables to get high enough. I took every safety precaution though, and arranged for Mollie to have a mop bucket on standby, and advised her how to erase my internet history if necessary. At one point, I dropped my screwdriver and watched as it hit every rung on the way down. Perfect.

Mom made mango soup for dinner, which was awesome. Then I ran home to launder my brand new bed sheets in time for bed. The bed sheets I’ve been using were officially old enough to legally date. The new sheets seem a bit stiffer than I’d prefer, but it gives me a starting point to buy more.

It’s almost Thor’s day!

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