The new bed sheets made it super hard to get out of bed this morning. I really wasn’t expecting it after feeling how stiff they were last night, but after rolling around in them all night, I felt guilty leaving them to go to work. I talked to a couple of the girls at work about getting a new comforter, and they both mentioned quilts, so I guess I’m getting a quilt next.

It’s taking me a while to get used to the slowing down at work. My big projects are pretty well over, and I’m down to the less fun stuff that I’ve been putting off.

Right after work, Josh and I went to Conway for the Thor: Ragnarok “fan release event” at the Cinemark. It was less of an event, and more of a ticket with the built-in price for a large popcorn and a “commemorative coin.” It was still worth it to see it earlier in the evening though, and it may have become my new favorite Marvel movie. It was by far the funniest without a doubt, and before seeing it, I wouldn’t have thought that possible. They went a completely different direction from the first two Thor movies. Afterward, we hit up the always-delicious Chipotle for some big ol’ burritos.

Once home, it was a quick load of laundry, then bed.

What are you, Thor: God of Hammers?

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