Teeth of Blue

Today was mostly filled with accomplishment and a willingness from everyone to work hard enough to go home early. It was really something everyone could stand behind. We mounted a couple touch panels before lunch, then went to Wendy’s for Gary’s birthday. After lunch, we split up and I spent some time at both of my campuses.

After work, I came home to pick up my new bluetooth car audio adapter. I had relatively few problems with the Miracast dongle that I’ve been using for years, but it was annoying for other people to use, and I felt like the audio quality could have been improved. Amazon had one on sale a few days ago that would fit my needs perfectly, and I’m quite happy with it after just the first night.

After a while, I had to pick up some cat food and safflower seed to use as litter, so I went by Atwoods on my way to my parents’ house for some leftover dinner. Then it was back home and eventually to bed.

Your voice, it chased away all the sanity in me.

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