The Bouillon the Playground

I’ve been aching all day. It was cheddar and beans with hint-of-lime tortilla chips and a vegetable soup bouillon cube to keep me going this morning. Not together, but as a snack and then soup. I was surprised at how good the vegetable broth was. It really soothed my chest for a while.

Late in the afternoon after a shower, I went by my parents’ house to try and find something more solid to eat, but they weren’t home. They stopped by later in the evening to bring me some bánh bao and said they had gone to see Thor. I expressed my desire for something not-soup and mentioned New China. They both perked up at that, so we went there and I’m pretty sure our waitress was judging me.

Back home, it was a bunch of hot tea and procrastination.

And I know you won’t remember memories in ember.

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