Fo’ Drizzle

I snuck out halfway through testing this morning so I couldĀ not sign up for insurance. It started raining out of seemingly nowhere, and it felt good somehow. From there, I stayed at the shop until lunch at Popeye’s with Zach, Ryan, and Dale, who met us there. Part of the way back, we followed GR8TOES, who either has a foot fetish, operates a pedicure shop, or both.

I’ve struggled to accomplish things for the past week or so, but I’ve had a few good opportunities to really learn something useful. I think I’m just finding the struggle in my ability to keep myself organized and on task when self-managed.

After work, I had dinner with the parents, then came home and did basically nothing for hours somehow. Even browsing Reddit would have been more of an accomplishment, so I’m not really sure what happened. I just spaced.

I wish it was as easy as pouring till it overflows.

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