Old Big Mac Post

I had testing first thing this morning at the junior high. The issues they had could have been avoided with more hands-on checking beforehand, but it wasn’t really anyone’s fault. It was only a minor annoyance, but I loathe the thought of documenting it as an issue I was required to be on-site to resolve.

The Wight Office Machines guys came to our office with a Kyocera rep and fed us some Old Post to curry barbecue our favor. Someone ate only a top-bun, so I used their bottom bun to make a Big Mac barbecue sandwich with the shredded mammal on bottom and sliced bird on top. I’m not really sure where to direct my aggravation over the PaperCut/print service rollout delays, but it’s going to take at least a couple more catered meals to make me feel better about it. Really I’m even more aggravated that there wasn’t very much banana pudding left by the time I got there.

I spent the better part of the afternoon and even some of the evening at Oakland working on a computer for possibly the quietest, sweetest, most agreeable teacher I’ve ever supported. I had to swing by a couple times throughout the evening to complete the job, and I’m not even upset. Somewhere in there, I went by my parents’ house for some rice soup to soothe my chest cold.

Back home, I had to fight more SuddenLink drops. I nervously removed my UPS from the equation, and I’m going to be really upset if this resolves the issue, because I don’t need any more equipment fried due to forced negligence.

But how can I escape you if you’re in my head?

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