Today was bad projector swaps for old, questionably good projectors. On the way back from lunch, I was cut off by a cop who immediately stopped in front of me to block traffic for a funeral. I couldn’t have been too upset if he had his lights on, but he cut me off in the middle of traffic with no lights on, then turned them on after he parked just as he got out of his vehicle. A braver version of me would have slammed into him instead of slamming on the breaks, because there is no way he had enough room to safely pull out in front of me.

After lunch, we encountered one room that had a perfectly good projector but the PC had a bad VGA port, so that was a little upsetting too. The afternoon wasn’t looking good. We got to leave an hour early again, so that helped a little. The dumpster from the roof job was removed from my driveway first thing this morning, so I could actually park at my house when I got home.

Jennifer wanted to hang out in the evening, but it was late and I was tired by the time she was ready to do anything, so Bradley and I went to her place for a while for Netflix and pecan pie.

Why, do you need to cool off some pies?

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