You’re Fired

We only had to work a half day today, and I actually got to finish up a couple projects at the junior high, so I felt good about it. At one point, I got the lift stuck without any battery charge way outside on the sidewalk. We let it rest then moved it bit by bit until we could reach a length of several extension cords, then charged it enough to put it away. Once we got back to the shop, Ben and I went upstairs through the Gardner building to reset phones. I wished I had brought some chains to rattle around while I was there in the dark.

From there, I came home and relaxed for a while before putting out the hammocks for a fire. Jesica came over and we went to Morello’s for dinner. When I got back home, Bâc Ván called and had me pick up a container of egg rolls from next door. Eventually, Becky and Jennifer came by for the fire. I was pretty happy with what I had built. It put off some serious heat, which was great for how cold it was.

After a while, Becky went home, and I introduced Jennifer to Bo Burnham on Netflix. After that, we flipped through a few movies before settling on Maleficent. I dozed off a few times, not even sure what made me so tired. After the movie, I ran her home, then came back home for bed myself.


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