It’s a little weird changing my phone charging routine. I hope it makes a difference in battery life over the lifespan of the new phone. I got a promo email this morning offering $100 credit to purchase a Pixel 2 and activate it on Fi, so I have an email in to customer service to see if I can get the credit.

I spent all morning at Oakland resetting phones, then went to the junior high for lunch. Jessica made a lasagna and pineapple upside down cake for a bunch of us there, but didn’t think about some people’s aversion to deer meat. As soon as she said she made it with ground deer meat, like half of the people there noped right out of it, which was both a shame and a delicious bonus for me, because I got to take leftovers. I thought it was delicious, and I had to poke fun at those that opted out of the lasagna but ate the cake, because the cherries were really made from Rudolph noses.

I spent the rest of the afternoon there playing catchup and blasting mad bass tunes after setting up a scrapped subwoofer in my office. After work, I stopped by my parents’ house and munched on some leftovers, but left because I needed to get a replacement car battery. By the time I got home, I didn’t feel too smurfy, so I settled in and watched the rest of Valerian and just put my car on the charger. Tomorrow should be nice anyway, if I hate to take the bike.

Ay, you getting too skinny, you gotta to eat. Ay, mangia, mangia!

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