A Scheduled Realization

It’s been a real struggle since my modem blew. I still haven’t heard anything from Suddenlink about the damage.

I spent all day at the junior high, even having cafeteria lunch in the library. We got to leave early for the Christmas parade, but I ended up sticking around for a while after anyway.

I came straight home after work to fight some more with my home network. After trying out a dozen different drivers at different speeds, I was able to get my gaming PC connected over ethernet, but at greatly reduced speeds. I got to chatting on #woot on irc.gamesurge.net and came to the realization that my first PC was built in January of 2004. My second and current gaming PC was built in January of 2011. If I’m to keep with my seemingly scheduled system failures, then it looks like I’m due to build another one this January.

I guess it is Christmas, but I’ve done nothing but buy things all year. On top of that, I don’t really game as much as I used to anyway. I would like to play around with some VR, but I feel like over the past few years I’ve mostly grown apart from my gaming group. I could sink a good amount of money into a new computer and be set for another seven years, but for what? Even when I built this one, I mostly used it for Chrome. Even if I did get more into gaming again, can I really afford to shut myself in even more?

Goals should be assessed.

At least the house talks back today.

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