Holiday is Coming

After leaving work early yesterday for the parade, we’ve come to the time of the year where everyone takes off of work. I never take the extra vacation days because I feel like I’d be wasting them, and would rather just be at work.

There were only a few of us there today, so we didn’t have any group projects. I went and visited my buildings and got a few things done. Jason told us to go home at 2:45, but I ended up staying until about 4:30 anyway before going to my parents’ house for dinner.

When I got home, I tried working on my network some more. I got the file share working again, but my modem is definitely dead, and only one of my two ethernet ports on my PC is working, and even it’s only working at 10Mb. I’m may have to talk myself out of building a new machine pretty soon, because I have too many other projects.

She’s been dancing with the devil all night.

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