The Great Christmas Teardown

It’s the last day of school before Christmas break. I spent most of the morning at Oakland visiting with people before they all left. Sheri gave me a big plate of cookies, then went to the shop for a few hours before lunch. I had planned to go to the junior high for their luncheon, but Ben was out a vehicle and wanted to go somewhere. We went to¬†Guerrero’s Mexican Food to check it out since they moved into an actual building from a food truck. It was decent food, but wouldn’t be my choice over the food truck in Dardanelle.

After lunch, I went straight to the junior high and did a little climbing into the ceiling before making some rounds there. Almost all of the kids were already gone, so those that were there were either making up tests or watching movies. We got to leave an hour early, and when I walked outside, our winter solstice had turned into mid-May. I thought about taking the bike out, but instead got the lazy-bored eats.

When Josh finally made it home, we played some of the newly released PUBG, which ran significantly better than it ever has before for me. We never made it very far, but it was a fair amount of fun for the lack of aiming I was doing.

You got it bad, huh?

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