Double Trouble

We only had to work a half day today. Ben sent us to inventory projectors in our buildings, and I was able to finish both of my buildings thanks to the overly detailed inventory I took at the beginning of the year.

A few of the guys went out to lunch together, but I had plans to meet Brandie at Stoby’s. I had shunned her for a year after failing to invite me to the Asurion Christmas party last year. She said they didn’t even have one this year, so I let her off the hook with an apology for underestimating my love for hors d’oeuvres. She also gave me a tiny Lego-ish Christmas tree. That’s two trees for me this year, somehow tripling my previous high score.

After we ate, I helped her pick up some 90 ounces of refried beans from Taco Villa so she and her family could make homemade bean burrito things. I still don’t get why they didn’t just refry their own beans, or even buy some cans. It would have been significantly cheaper, and less weird than carrying a box full of drink cups filled with refried beans. She also finally returned my PS3 that I had loaned her years ago. I’m not really sure what to do with it now, though.

From there, I went to Summer’s place and hung out with her for the rest of the evening. She made Frito taco salad-y stuff for dinner after we picked up some things from Walmart, then we played The Game of Life with the girls before settling in forĀ Aladdin. I kept dozing off, but it’s okay because it’s Christmas break!

To make things even better, I got my USB ethernet adapter in, so my PC is back in business.

Instead of having a Christmas rush, could we just.. not?

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