What are Traditions: Christmas 2017

Why post a portrait when you already got everyone’s best sides?

After just a few hours of sleep, I managed to get up early enough for Summer to come over and watch my Christmas movie, Gremlins with me. When lunch was ready, she left and I headed to my parents’ house to meet up with family.

Julie wanted to take us all to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the evening, so I invited everyone over to watch The Force Awakens to refresh ourselves on the new storyline. Julie and Andy left almost immediately because my cats tried to murder her immune system, but my parents and I finished the movie.

I killed the rest of the evening time waiting to go to the movie, then met everyone at the theater. I thought the movie was pretty entertaining, but the plot did feel a bit contrived. Overall, I guess it did its job of passing the baton. Someone in charge definitely made an attempt to follow the recent trend of making serious movies funnier. It didn’t completely fit with tradition, but it got some cheap laughs.

It’s all a machine, partner. Live free: don’t join.

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