Don’t Be a Chicken Dinner

I picked up some jalapeño kolaches for the four of us at work this morning. It went over pretty well, but nobody wanted to do anything together. Instead, I went to the junior high and completed the projector inventory.

I left at lunchtime and played some Overwatch until Summer finished up at the gym, and then picked up some Zaxby’s before heading back home to meet up with Josh. We watched Bo Burnham’s Make Happy, then I ran Summer home before coming back and Chromecast and Chilling with Josh.

Eventually Josh went home so we could play some PUBG with Clint and Aaron. I made second place once, but before that I spent some time on the phone with Sprint to try and help Josh unlock an Essential Phone he picked up from someone else, but they were aggravatingly difficult to communicate with. I wasn’t even calling for anything difficult, and I was aggravated to the point of wanting to drop their service. Everything is awful.

I could get used to not working…

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