First and Last

This morning was productive for me. Gary babysat me while I played around in some of our network switches, and I think most of what I was doing stuck with me. At least I should have log files if I get lost in the future.

After work, I went to my parents’ house for lunch. Dad had taken Mom some food for her lunch break and got back home just after I finished my taco salad. I got my Walkera Runner 250 spinning, but it was too cold to be outside flying. I managed to call a cat from across the yard while I was inside the dining room, impressive to the point that I felt like maybe I’ve missed a personal calling somewhere. Nowhere useful, but a calling nonetheless.

From there, I went to Summer’s and crushed them in a flip-floppy game of Monopoly. We picked up some Whatta-Burger for dinner, then I finished the evening dead last in a game of Sorry. Bác Vân called and offered eggrolls, so I took some to share with Becky, then came home for some PUBG with Josh, Clint, and Aaron. I even contributed.

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