Dinner and a Movie

I slept in a bit today, then got up to get ready for another trip to Conway with Summer. We wanted to catch the new Jumanji movie in the afternoon before a little shopping and a couple of steaks.

The movie was pretty great. It definitely had a different feel to it, but I liked how it pulled straight from the old movie and made it something new. I didn’t realize it, but Summer said it was her first 3D movie. She seemed to really enjoy it. I made the mistake of getting up near the end of the movie to refill the popcorn and my drink, and ended up missing the climax, but I imagine I’ll get the movie for home in 3D once it’s available.

After the movie, we went to the new shopping center on Dave Ward to see what was there. We stopped in the PetCo there, and it seemed like all the animals were in relatively poor health, which was surprising considering the neighborhood. After leaving there, we stopped by Old Navy and grabbed a few things. I returned a defective pair of jeans and grabbed a new sport coat, and by that time we were ready for dinner at Logan’s.

Once we finished eating, we headed straight back toward home, stopping at Blackwell to restock before New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Then when we got back home, we watched Kevin Hart’s What Now on Netflix. He was better in the movie.

She understands the intent.

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