Perhaps surprisingly, nobody was in the mood to accomplish much today. Half of them were just there waiting to hear if we would get to leave for a half day. Even Dale wasn’t in much of a rush to get anything done.

I spent all morning running cable and cleaning up the existing wiring in a classroom. We met at Morelos for lunch, where I had some killer lunch fajitas.

The afternoon was spent getting intimate with my junior high yearbook lab. I didn’t even finish, but at least I have a decent idea of how I want to arrange the new computers. Assuming everyone else is in the same mood tomorrow, I ought to be able to finish it then.

After work, I went to Summer’s to visit for a while. She made spaghetti, and Autumn had a friend over for the night, so we played a game of Bingo. I’ve never felt so old and domesticated. It went okay.

Once I got home, I played a game of PUBG with Josh and Clint. I did okay.

Tastes like Heaven; Burns like Hell

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