The Setup

I woke up feeling awful this morning, and ended up snoozing an extra half hour. Ben was back, but still nobody had anything for me to do, so I spent all day by myself. We all went to Old South for lunch, and I had their breaded and fried pork chop. I’ve still never had a bad meal there, but the service was quite a bit slower than usual. They were packed though, so we weren’t horribly surprised.

I stayed late and started arranging computers behind Kevin’s door as payback for when he hid in my office and scared me. I wanted to go for a scare, but the opportunity to wall off his office with old computers won’t come around again for a while. It won’t be quite as solid as I had originally hoped, but I think it’ll still look pretty good.

From there, I went to get some gas, then stopped by Summer’s for a while before heading to my parents’ for dinner. Mother has ridiculous food problems whereby she makes too much and throws it all away.

When I got home, I played a few rounds of PUBG with the boys until bedtime.

Don’t get too comfortable.

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