The Prank

It was just three of us there today. Still no group projects in the morning, and the afternoon was helping close work orders for Allen. I stayed late after work and finished stacking computers behind Kevin’s door. I even went as far as to hook most of them up so they would be blowing warm air at him as he opens the door. To top it all off, I set up a working computer with monitor, keyboard, and mouse on top. As I left, I leaned the keyboard and mouse against the door so they would fall out as soon as he opens the door.

Mom texted earlier and said she thought something blew up in her home theater system, so I stopped by there to check things out. I couldn’t tell that anything was wrong with the speakers I gave her, so I left there and headed home for the evening. Summer came by and read a book for work while I played someĀ PUBG with the guys.

I’m ready for a vacation now that everyone else’s is almost over.

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