Becoming a Spooky Ghost

I crawled out of bed after a few hours of sleep, and got things rolling for my big, spooky ghost show at work. I got there nearly an hour early and started setting up. Melissa was already there fogging the area for Coronavirus, but I didn’t get in her way. Allen showed up about half an hour before work, and I had to hide all of my laptops in a hurry and then sneak out the back door before he saw me. Unfortunately, once I got set up in the graveyard, I realized that two of the laptops weren’t set up right, so I made the decision to go back downstairs and fix it, even though it would give up the joke to him.

Everyone else started trickling in, but Greg and Josh were both gone. It ended up being Allen, Zach, Gary, Kyle, Ben, and Melinda in the shop. To my surprise, some guy from Hector schools showed up to pick up some of our scrap. That was all fine and dandy until nearly the entire crew showed up at the door to the graveyard. Ben was giving the guy a walk around the whole area to pick through any scrap he wanted. I didn’t have anywhere to go, but luckily both Ben and the guy from Hector didn’t say a word when they caught glances of me, and Zach took the others back downstairs.

Once they got the meeting started, I had Zach turn the lights off and I began my Spooky Ghost performance. Melinda seemed to have a lot of fun running around the room trying to find where I was actually hiding. They didn’t realize I could actually hear them at first, so when I started responding directly to them, it got even more exciting.

After the meeting, I went with Ben, Allen, and Kyle to the junior high to repair student laptops all day. We got several of them done, but at the expense of getting none done at the high school since the start of the year. That’ll be fun later.

We took a break to go to Sam’s for lunch, and then Ben and I went back to the junior high to finish up. I was supposed to get to go home early for dressing up, but since Ben was my ride, we ended up staying a while after four. They can see if I ever dress up again.

The girls all came over in the evening, and we watched some Glee until bedtime. Hopefully I’ll wake up well rested tomorrow, and can get some stuff done.

I’m obviously in the Great Beyond.

The Conjuring of Spirits

I woke up with an ocular migraine today, and it took me most of the morning to get over it. My systolic blood pressure was also the lowest it’s ever been, and I felt pretty sluggish all day long.

Summer took Eaddie to work, and Autumn slept most of the day at the house, until I made Summer wake her up to do school work. I picked her up for lunch, and met Summer and Eaddie aet Morelos. Then I took her back to the house so I could go back to work.

The power went out in the afternoon, which interrupted Autumn’s TV watching. It took her a while after that to realize it also took out the internet that she was supposed to be using to complete her school work.

After work, I ran by Allen’s to try and help him lower his spare tire off of his truck. It looked like he had a locking lug nut on it, so we didn’t accomplish anything. Then I got the girls to karate before going back by the shop to set up my spooky ghost prank for tomorrow morning.

I spent over six hours getting everything ready, so hopefully it works out. The hard part is going to be getting to work before everyone else just so I can watch them trickle in while I wait out in the cold.

When Native Australians die, do they become apparitinals?

Hey You Guize!

It was just above freezing this morning, but fortunately a clear drive home. I had to take extra care getting ready, to layer my costumes well. I was to dress up as Amanda, but I wanted a less niche and more casual outfit underneath, so I had my usual Dracula t-shirt on. Then I donned some skinny jeans, cow socks, house shoes, a blue zip-up hoodie, wet hair parted on the right, hole-punched red dot stickers for gauged ears, Red Bull, and a flask of lighter fluid to complete the look. When I got to work, I got a few chuckles, but I don’t think most of them truly appreciated how much effort I put into the ensemble.

We didn’t actually have a meeting other than to see each others costumes, so I headed on to the high school for real work. There, I ran into Doug as he was helping Misty bring some things into the greenhouse. Then I immediately changed out of my skinny jeans into some slim ones that felt suddenly very loosey goosey. I fixed a couple other things pretty quickly, and then mulled around the laptops a bit more.

I was going to stop by the shop to see if I could find a lunch partner for something a little lighter than usual. I had gotten stuck by the D&R Railroad when Ben called to see what I was eating, and we decided to meet up at Linhs. We had a really good chat over some really good food as we usually do, and then it was back to work. I decided to end the school day by blaring Thriller as the final bell rang and kids flooded into the hallways. Again, I felt like not many truly appreciated what I was doing there. The workday ended on a higher note as I was able to recover my bricked touch panel by installing the correct firmware.

When I got home, I shed all the extra clothes and tried to make sense of my evening. The girls had gone out to eat for dinner and weren’t doing anything for Halloween. Summer was working out and would have to start prepping some chili for work tomorrow. Suzanne was going to come visit and meet the family, but wasn’t certain of the time or whether she’d be able to join us for an actual meal that was up to me to produce. I ended up picking up some Taco Villa on the way up to Summer’s, and we ate as she ran around the kitchen all evening.

Suzanne eventually showed up with a gift of some fresh sourdough bread that she had labored over all afternoon, and we sat and chatted for quite a while. I do miss the days of being able to stay up and do that for longer, but hopefully this time of year will allow for more of that.

This hammock itches inconveniently.


I loaded everything up this morning and headed to central office for a new picture. I went ahead and took a normal photo for the website first, but then the coat went on, the collars went up, and the Matrix glasses and Lazer Tag helmet topped it all off. Josh seemed genuinely excited to be doing something fun and different. He even asked me to stick around to take some other creative shots after he finished portraits for the last few people walking in. I felt a little silly, but I figured it would be worth it. Even Ben walked in and caught my hijinks and had to laugh. As we finished up, Josh made the comment that he wished I had the gun to go with it. I told him I was moving in with him if I got fired for it, retrieved it from the trunk of my car, and we took the shots.

With that out of the way, I stopped by the shop to check on things there, then ran by the middle school to pick up some scrapped Chromebook chargers to use for something at the high school. I ran into Sara there, and she wanted to pick my brain about esports. We ended up talking for quite a while, laughing at how we were both far enough behind that sitting around chatting all day wouldn’t even make a noticeable difference. When I finally left the middle school, I stopped by Oakland to see if I could swipe an unused laptop dock and say hello to everyone for a minute. Then I had to head on to the high school to fix a vo-tech phone I had evidently broken yesterday.

I did a few more things at the high school before heading to Morelos to meet Zach and Allen. The carnitas were pretty great, and I took a taco salad to Summer afterward. Zach bought my lunch because he said it was easier than trying to explain in broken English how to split the check. I stopped by the shop to pick up some things, then headed back to the high school to churn through some more work orders.

The girls took the bus over after school, and I took them home with me so I could take care of some things. My wireless was out, which turned into having to update some things that took too long. I eventually just gave up on having it done, and we went to CiCi’s to meet Summer. She ended up not feeling well enough to eat out, so we got some Little Caesar’s on the way up instead. The girls did their homework, and Summer and I tried to watch the new Rocko’s Modern Life on Netflix. I didn’t love it, but it did satisfy what little nostalgia I had just from remembering the show existed. Finally it was off to a slightly early bedtime.

I’ll have to come back again and dual wield these things.

That Time I Trolled the Police

I parked in my usual space at Oakland this morning. Unthreatened by unwarranted police force, I couldn’t resist the temptation. I had too many people and too much logic and too much of the law on my side. I had just walked into the office after doing some work when Erica said Sheri was on the phone with him. I didn’t find out until later that he had pulled up behind me and was calling from just outside the building, but Sheri told him to leave me alone because she needed more help dealing with actual real life dangers like speeding and cell phone usage down the street in front of the school. Justice is.. well.. I didn’t go to jail. So, whatever, Beyette.

Zach and I went to Morelos to get some fajitas for lunch. I was super hungry and made a happy plate. Then I spent all afternoon mostly catching up with people at the junior high. I told Kevin about my victory in the morning, and he pulled me into his office to ask what time my confrontation happened the day before. He already had the cameras pulled up for that campus and day, and wanted to see the guy’s stupid face when he tried to intimidate me. It went downhill from “not a fan” pretty fast.

When it was time to leave, I took Eaddie to my parents’ house for some mango soup. I told her it was one of my favorite soups that Mom makes, and she said I say that every time. I asked if I had ever lead her astray, and she sheepishly shook her head and grinned.

Summer went to the football game to see Autumn perform at halftime, and Eaddie and I went back to my house to pick up some things for tomorrow before heading back to their house. This week has gone by fast, and I’m ready to have some time at home. Those cats just can’t keep the place tidy. I don’t know what their deal is.

It’s pretty bad when your own brothers in blue don’t have your back.

Owlet You in on a Little Secret

I woke up pretty early today after an early night to bed. I kicked around for a little while, had a potato for breakfast because I have so much potato, then ended up back in bed. I laid there for quite a while without falling asleep, but eventually got hazy and almost lucid for a while. A few episodes of sleep paralysis later, I got back up around noon time. I got a little cleaning done, and played a few rounds of PUBG before getting showered and heading to Summer’s house for a bit.

We ran to Walmart for a couple things. I had to pick up some poster board for my owl replacement project. Afterward, I dropped her off at home and went by my parents’ house to try some bò bía my mom made. I didn’t love it.

Once home, I played another couple rounds of PUBG before finishing the owls and writing my apology letter. I think it turned out okay. The delivery’s been made, so at least I can sleep again at night.

Some apowlogy letter…

The Payoff

I had to wake up super early this morning in order to get to work before Kevin. I wanted to set up my GoPro to catch his reaction to the computers blocking his office door. Unfortunately he beat me there, so I had to rely on security camera footage instead. He managed to get in via the door between our offices, so he wasn’t too obstructed.

After lunch, he told me he had gotten stuck in there a couple times and had to call someone to let him out. Unbeknownst to me, the door between our offices had a key on his side of the door, and hadn’t been re-keyed to match any of our master keys, so he couldn’t get back out of his office except by moving some of the computers out of the way. I made quick work getting them back to my office, but it was fun while it lasted.

After work, I went to my parents’ for some fish soup, then had to go back to work to finish up on a computer that had been giving me trouble. By the time I left, I was ready to head home. I played a few rounds of PUBG with the boys, then it was off to bed.

“He wasn’t even mad! All of this was just for a prank!”

The Prank

It was just three of us there today. Still no group projects in the morning, and the afternoon was helping close work orders for Allen. I stayed late after work and finished stacking computers behind Kevin’s door. I even went as far as to hook most of them up so they would be blowing warm air at him as he opens the door. To top it all off, I set up a working computer with monitor, keyboard, and mouse on top. As I left, I leaned the keyboard and mouse against the door so they would fall out as soon as he opens the door.

Mom texted earlier and said she thought something blew up in her home theater system, so I stopped by there to check things out. I couldn’t tell that anything was wrong with the speakers I gave her, so I left there and headed home for the evening. Summer came by and read a book for work while I played some PUBG with the guys.

I’m ready for a vacation now that everyone else’s is almost over.