The Conjuring of Spirits

I woke up with an ocular migraine today, and it took me most of the morning to get over it. My systolic blood pressure was also the lowest it’s ever been, and I felt pretty sluggish all day long.

Summer took Eaddie to work, and Autumn slept most of the day at the house, until I made Summer wake her up to do school work. I picked her up for lunch, and met Summer and Eaddie aet Morelos. Then I took her back to the house so I could go back to work.

The power went out in the afternoon, which interrupted Autumn’s TV watching. It took her a while after that to realize it also took out the internet that she was supposed to be using to complete her school work.

After work, I ran by Allen’s to try and help him lower his spare tire off of his truck. It looked like he had a locking lug nut on it, so we didn’t accomplish anything. Then I got the girls to karate before going back by the shop to set up my spooky ghost prank for tomorrow morning.

I spent over six hours getting everything ready, so hopefully it works out. The hard part is going to be getting to work before everyone else just so I can watch them trickle in while I wait out in the cold.

When Native Australians die, do they become apparitinals?

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