Becoming a Spooky Ghost

I crawled out of bed after a few hours of sleep, and got things rolling for my big, spooky ghost show at work. I got there nearly an hour early and started setting up. Melissa was already there fogging the area for Coronavirus, but I didn’t get in her way. Allen showed up about half an hour before work, and I had to hide all of my laptops in a hurry and then sneak out the back door before he saw me. Unfortunately, once I got set up in the graveyard, I realized that two of the laptops weren’t set up right, so I made the decision to go back downstairs and fix it, even though it would give up the joke to him.

Everyone else started trickling in, but Greg and Josh were both gone. It ended up being Allen, Zach, Gary, Kyle, Ben, and Melinda in the shop. To my surprise, some guy from Hector schools showed up to pick up some of our scrap. That was all fine and dandy until nearly the entire crew showed up at the door to the graveyard. Ben was giving the guy a walk around the whole area to pick through any scrap he wanted. I didn’t have anywhere to go, but luckily both Ben and the guy from Hector didn’t say a word when they caught glances of me, and Zach took the others back downstairs.

Once they got the meeting started, I had Zach turn the lights off and I began my Spooky Ghost performance. Melinda seemed to have a lot of fun running around the room trying to find where I was actually hiding. They didn’t realize I could actually hear them at first, so when I started responding directly to them, it got even more exciting.

After the meeting, I went with Ben, Allen, and Kyle to the junior high to repair student laptops all day. We got several of them done, but at the expense of getting none done at the high school since the start of the year. That’ll be fun later.

We took a break to go to Sam’s for lunch, and then Ben and I went back to the junior high to finish up. I was supposed to get to go home early for dressing up, but since Ben was my ride, we ended up staying a while after four. They can see if I ever dress up again.

The girls all came over in the evening, and we watched some Glee until bedtime. Hopefully I’ll wake up well rested tomorrow, and can get some stuff done.

I’m obviously in the Great Beyond.

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