I loaded everything up this morning and headed to central office for a new picture. I went ahead and took a normal photo for the website first, but then the coat went on, the collars went up, and the Matrix glasses and Lazer Tag helmet topped it all off. Josh seemed genuinely excited to be doing something fun and different. He even asked me to stick around to take some other creative shots after he finished portraits for the last few people walking in. I felt a little silly, but I figured it would be worth it. Even Ben walked in and caught my hijinks and had to laugh. As we finished up, Josh made the comment that he wished I had the gun to go with it. I told him I was moving in with him if I got fired for it, retrieved it from the trunk of my car, and we took the shots.

With that out of the way, I stopped by the shop to check on things there, then ran by the middle school to pick up some scrapped Chromebook chargers to use for something at the high school. I ran into Sara there, and she wanted to pick my brain about esports. We ended up talking for quite a while, laughing at how we were both far enough behind that sitting around chatting all day wouldn’t even make a noticeable difference. When I finally left the middle school, I stopped by Oakland to see if I could swipe an unused laptop dock and say hello to everyone for a minute. Then I had to head on to the high school to fix a vo-tech phone I had evidently broken yesterday.

I did a few more things at the high school before heading to Morelos to meet Zach and Allen. The carnitas were pretty great, and I took a taco salad to Summer afterward. Zach bought my lunch because he said it was easier than trying to explain in broken English how to split the check. I stopped by the shop to pick up some things, then headed back to the high school to churn through some more work orders.

The girls took the bus over after school, and I took them home with me so I could take care of some things. My wireless was out, which turned into having to update some things that took too long. I eventually just gave up on having it done, and we went to CiCi’s to meet Summer. She ended up not feeling well enough to eat out, so we got some Little Caesar’s on the way up instead. The girls did their homework, and Summer and I tried to watch the new¬†Rocko’s Modern Life on Netflix. I didn’t love it, but it did satisfy what little nostalgia I had just from remembering the show existed. Finally it was off to a slightly early bedtime.

I’ll have to come back again and dual wield these things.

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