Remember Your Training

Work went by pretty quickly today. I got my new touch panels functional at the junior high, including the Flappy Bird Android Easter egg, and fixed my printer at Oakland. Zach and I went to Wendy’s for lunch, and then I went back to Oakland to retrain employees on how to access their own software because it’s been too long since they last used it, even though the last time it even crossed my mind was when I trained them how to access it last year. At this point it’s not even memory. It’s a lack of any effort entirely.

After work I went to visit a still flu-ridden Summer. I went and picked up some Sumo for dinner, then put her to bed and came home for bed myself. With any luck, I’ll avoid this whole sickness thing entirely. I’m usually pretty good at keeping my symptoms minimalized.

Tuesday’s are usually pretty slow for me anyway.

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