I got called to the junior high today for an “emergency” situation with a computer they needed to restart. They figured it out by the time I got there because my new assistant principal has moxy. I’m about over them crying wolf.

A bunch of us went to Brangus for lunch, and I had the best beef spud and service I’ve ever had there. Gary’s food was lukewarm because it was Gary. Then I was off to finish up the day by myself.

After work, the girls came by to help with the leftovers. After they left, I made a quick trip to Walmart for some cat food, and potatoes to bake for Friday’s chili lunch. Back home, we tried to play some PUBG but the servers went down for maintenance right as everyone got online. Keno and I had a couple rounds in Overwatch instead, and then we all called it an early night.

We’ll be departing Procrastination Station a little behind schedule.

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