Quiet Quiet

Nobody seemed to be up to much today. I’m still fighting netbooks, and can’t image them over the network without imaging them first with a flash drive, then adding them to the domain to be seen by SCCM. Once I do that, though, it’s like the network port remembers that it should be allowed to image the next device, and I can chain my network imaging together. It doesn’t really make any sense, but that seems to be what’s happening in practice.

I was going to come home for lunch, but a bunch of people went to Taco Bell, and I wanted to try their new fries. They weren’t bad. The Nacho Fries Bellgrande left something to be desired, what with only fries, cheese, a little bit of meat, tomatoes, and a little squirt of sour cream, but they had some good spice to them. Still nothing to compare with Potato Oles from Taco John’s, though.

After work, I came home for some PUBG until I had to¬†wash some potatoes to bake in the morning for our putluck tomorrow. Then we played one last round before bed, and I might have actually lead our team to victory if I had only had just an ounce of cover from the fire coming in from opposite directions. C’est la vie.

What’s taters, precious?

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