The Good for What Ale Crust

After fading in and out of consciousness all weekend, I finally got up today and managed some leftovers for breakfast and a much-needed shower. I forced myself up and out to pick up the girls for our trip to Conway to see Black Panther. We stopped by Old Chicago for some pizza first, and then loaded up on popcorn for the movie.

I was actually a little let down by the movie, simply because of how much hype it got. I really enjoyed it, and at first watch I had nothing to complain about, but I let myself get worked up by what everyone else was saying about it. I think if I had not heard anything about it, I would have left feeling better, but as it was, I enjoyed it as much as any of the other MCU movies.

On the way out, I dropped my Coke on my brand new shoes and got it all over my pants as well, so I dropped the girls off before heading home to work on some laundry. While that was going, I got in a couple rounds of PUBG before bed.

It’s a Bugatti spaceship!

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