Attack of the Sinus

I had an awful sinus attack last night that kept me from sleeping, so when I woke up for work in the morning, I just couldn’t do it. I emailed for a half sick day and went back to bed. I actually started feeling a bit better not long after I laid back down, but I definitely needed the rest, and I didn’t really have anything pressing to work on anyway.

After work, I came home for just a bit before heading to Summer’s for dinner. Then we started watching the first episode of Cosmos before everyone went to bed. When I went back to my car, I found that I must have sat on my key fob long enough to roll the front windows down part way. The insides of the doors, seats, and my backpack were all soaked in rain water. Fortunately it hadn’t rained super hard, but it was still a lot of water that will hopefully dry out before tomorrow morning.

You, me, everyone: we are made of star stuff.

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