Half of Twice is Barely Nice

I’ve been getting a steady flow of work orders lately, but it’s all been miniscule stuff. It’s just enough to keep me from getting any serious projects worked.

I was talked into Chick-fil-A for lunch and had the chicken tortilla soup. It had a good flavor and spice, but the texture was super gritty. Plus I paid nearly nine bucks for it. Seriously, I could have gone to Brangus and had a beef spud. I should just not go, like every single time. Why do I make poor decisions just for a small social hour?

After work, Summer and I went to Ruby Tuesday for BoGo entrees. They weren’t super busy, but it was kind of early for dinner. The food was pretty decent, but I can’t ever help but feel let down with anything but the salad bar.

Afterward, I came home and killed some time online before heading to bed early. I’m sick of being sick.

Yeah, that was a set up for a punchline on duct tape.

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