This morning started off pretty nice looking, but the wind picked up and didn’t hold back all day long. I rode the motorcycle to work thinking it would be less chilly in the afternoon, but the wind never let it warm up.

Gary, Heather, Sara, and I went to Brick Oven for lunch, making it two days in a row worth of pizza for me, and now I have leftovers. Then Gary came with me to the junior high to help take a look at a few things. It was a pretty laid back day overall, but I got some good things cleaned up and felt like I learned a bit in the process.

After work, I went to my parents’ house to help clean up the last of the soup, then rode home in the cold, windy darkness. I finally completed my three EueQue tests using the vision tracker I purchased several months ago. The results seemed to be pretty accurate, but I discovered the company has moved to a subscription model that means my hardware expires after one year without a renewed subscription. Evidently, if I had registered a little over a month ago, I would have been grandfathered into a lifetime subscription. I guess my only recourse is a scathing review if customer service doesn’t help me out here.

‘Cause the north wind blew south.

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