The procrastination stops tomorrow.

I got a response from EyeQue customer service denying my request to grandfather my lifetime membership and functionality of the device I purchased, so I suppose after a year it’ll be worthless. I suppose I can spend more time begging, or I can just leave my scathing, semi-retaliatory review everywhere I’m able. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder to do the things now rather than later.

Summer was shadowing a kid at the middle school, which somehow meant she also got an hour for lunch, so we met at Hardee’s across town. I failed to realize she probably suggested it because there was a location right between us, but I unwittingly opted for the other location because my service has always been better there.

After work, I took the bike out to get some gas, then took my oversized shoes back to Shoe Carnival for an exchange. The new shoes fit like gloves if feet were hands. I swung by AT&T on the way out because I thought Kevin was there, but the managers were all out of town for something. Fortunately, Summer had just finished at the gym, and I got to her place right as she did. We had dinner and watched a few episodes of The Office before I came home for bed.

Go the f**k to sleep!

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