A Wrinkle

We all got up this morning to some poachies, sausage links, and strawberries before trekking to Conway. We caught the early afternoon showing of A Wrinkle in Time before doing a bit of shopping. The movie was okay, but I wonder how it compares to the book. At a glance, it looks like something I may actually be able to digest someday.

We wandered through Dollar Tree for a bit before heading to Sam’s to load up on some essentials for them and a 50-pound bag of popcorn kernels for me, because it’s the only way I could afford to feed this many mouths.  From there, we managed to find a compromise on a pizza at Old Chicago before failing to make it to Shoe Carnival before closing.

Cranky and tired, we made it all the way back home without any casualties. Except the popcorn. Somewhere between the store and the car, it suffered a stab wound.

Don’t go to war for me.

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