Out, damned spot!

Today was moderately busy for being the first day back. First thing in the morning, I had a switch blow up in my face. The PoE circuit blew, throwing sparks out the front of the switch as smoke billowed out. Fortunately, Gary had a spare that he was able to put into place before lunch.

Most brought lunch, so I ended up at Arby’s for some buffalo chicken tenders. They weren’t bad. I still don’t know how I feel about their switch to Coca-Cola products.

I got a good amount of stuff done in the afternoon as well. Then after work, I went to my parents’ house thinking I had to clean up leftovers. I ended up sitting outside for about an hour and a half waiting for anyone to get home. I tried getting the stray three-legged cat to come over to me, but the best I could do was to get it to eat the food while I stared at it.

After dinner, I went to Summer’s to try and wash my plush mattress topper in her oversized HE washing machine. I don’t know if it was my fault for loading it incorrectly, or a fault of the design, but the top of the laundry load would not have gotten wet at all if the water had not been filled from the top. I had to push the whole thing under water to submerge it in the first place, and then it spent an hour and a half swirling the thing around in circles while the water soaked the bottom half. When it finally finished the load, it spent over five minutes in a spin cycle to drain the water that didn’t even touch half of the load. It was absolutely infuriating.

I didn’t want to stay too late, and I hadn’t decided whether to try and take the stupid thing to the coin laundry in the morning, so I headed home and ultimately threw it in the dryer just to finish something. I didn’t realize how much of a difference the topper made until I didn’t have it any more. I guess if I can’t get satisfied with the wash job, I’ll just buy a new one, because fuck savings when I can sleep better tonight instead.

It’s like giving it to your cat and letting it lick it clean.

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