Evidently my plush mattress topper wasn’t as dry as my dryer thought it was. After I went through the trouble of setting it back up on my bed and re-sheeting everything, I realized how damp it was all over. Too tired to go on, I just turned up the radiator and the ceiling fan to dry it out overnight the best I could while I slept on top of it. I moved around a lot at first, but by the time I woke up, it seemed mostly dry. I left the fan on when I left for work so it could finish the job.

I spent most of the morning setting up a Chromebook cart at Oakland. I left for lunch a bit early so I could take my car in for an oil change, and Brandie picked me up from there so we could get lunch together before she leaves for the Philippines. We went to La Huerta, and she grilled me about the surprise family. It had started pouring down rain right as we left, and I went to pick up my car and head back to work. They said I had an open recall – something about draining all of the fluid in my brakes, but it would take another couple of hours. I opted to reschedule.

The afternoon was enrolling a stack of new Chromebooks for the junior high library. I ended up taking them to the library after work just so I wouldn’t have to tomorrow. It continued to rain, and I continued to get soaked with the loading and unloading of everything. At the very least, I finally resolved a separate printing issue I’d been working on since before break.

After work, I came home and munched on what little food I could find and tried to stay awake until bedtime proper.

I feel led to give a gift as an EASTER SOUL-WINNING SEED!

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