Rectify. Rectify. Games. Rectify.

Today was for getting shit done. The work order system notifications broke again, so I had some catching up to do. Then, like a man after my own heart, Allen suggested KFC for lunch. He must have sensed my cravings last night. Then after lunch, I got a little frisky with Avaya and a switch. They were like PuTTY in my hands.

After work, I came home and played someĀ PUBG with Josh until the servers went down. From there, I filled up on gas and went to my parents’ house for some corned beef. I was still full, but much like Jello, there’s always room for corned beef.

I finished the evening with some moreĀ PUBG with Clint and Aaron.

But they are weak. Weak! Weak things are food!

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