Harbor Freighter

I got up this morning and tried to clean up around the house a bit. Summer came over in the afternoon while the girls were with their father. I was busy filing some old important papers into highly flammable filing cabinets in the room with all my electronics. It was a late lunch, but we went to Burger King for some Whoppers, then went to Harbor Freight for something to do and to check things out.

I decided that I want to learn to do things with my hands, so I should start a YouTube channel dedicated to learning woodworking and other trade skills using only Harbor Freight tools. If I have the production value to make it a hit, I can get sponsored by Harbor Freight and get them to provide any future tools I need, and I’ll eventually learn to build a boat from scratch. Then I can sail away and continue to make videos about living on my boat, the Harbor Freighter, and find an island of my own to set anchor in what will be named Freight Harbor.

When we got back home, several of the frog eggs had started to wiggle more, so I decided to set up the GoPro for a timelapse video while I started some laundry. I managed to get a three second video made before the battery died, so I’ll have to start it fresh in the morning after it’s charged again.

To wrap up the weekend, Aaron flipped his TV remote to choose between Overwatch and PUBG, and we played PUBG with Clint and Keno until bedtime.

Risen? April fools!

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