I woke up this morning and immediately got my GoPro set up on the frog eggs. It only ended up lasting a couple hours, but the new time lapse was still pretty interesting.

Work was mostly quiet, and slow, but steady. Ronda brought me some leftover pizza from Old Bank which was a pretty good, if overfilling breakfast. I ended up skipping lunch because of it. I finally left right before school let out and drove through Sonic for a free birthday strawberry shake and some onion rings. I ate them in the parking lot at Oakland before going in to wrap up a couple work orders. I ended the day at the shop, without much going on.

I met the girls at my house so they could check out the frog eggs. They had grown quite a bit just over the course of the day. When they left, I went to my parents’ house for some leftover bún bò Huế. On the way home, I was followed by the ghouliest of ghosts, which bumped me off course for a while. I finally made it home for some PUBG with the boys before bed.


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