Pancakes International

I got up about half an hour early this morning so I could have things ready to go for my touch panel install at the very beginning of school. We ended up not getting into the classroom until just a few minutes later, and Zach kind of made a big deal out of it for some reason, but we got it done in no time.

I was craving a hamburger, so several of us went to CJ’s for lunch. If I ever eat there and am not charged with transporting everyone else, I’m totally picking up McDonald’s fries on the way and eating them while I stare into the eyes of the employees there. Someone should rub their noses in the soggy potatoes they’re making, and it might as well be Ronald.

The afternoon brought a whole bunch of rain and another touch panel install at Center Valley, so we had to use a leaky trailer to keep things mostly dry. It went alright, and we were dismissed just a few minutes early afterward. Summer’s 5K was cancelled earlier for all the rain, even though it had actually completely let up before the event was set to start.

I went home and played a game of Overwatch and then PUBG before she came over and we went to IHOP for dinner. Neither of us had been there in years, and it was a delicious return. It was expensive, but I ate about three times more than I needed.


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