Less is the New More

It was another super slow day at work today. I spent most of it staring at group policy. I grabbed a couple McGriddles for breakfast, but had to go in to pick up my app order because some assclown parked in the order pickup spot and left their vehicle. I think next time I’ll just pull up behind them and wait for my order there.

I had to play catch-up for lunch because everyone went without me. Taco Bell changed their app, so you don’t have to check in any more. It would have been nice to know that before I placed the order from work and had to drive all the way there. Overall, my online app ordering went pretty poorly today.

After work, I came home to check on the tadpoles. I don’t think I lost too many more, but I still had to clean out the corpses. I had a few living that I couldn’t sort out, so I dumped everything into a bucket of water outside so they could figure it out on their own.

The evening was PUBG and beer, because it’s a long day tomorrow.

Where does the night go?

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