The Great Dying

Everything seemed perfectly normal up until bedtime.

It was a pretty slow day again. I ended up driving through McDonald’s for a late lunch Happy Meal. Nobody else has really been around all week. I guess it’s been alright to recalibrate my eating habits.

After work, I came home for just a little while before heading to Summer’s for dinner. Some of the tadpoles were hitching a ride on a piece of celery that was bobbing up and down in the water, so I made a funny video of it.

Summer made chicken and bowtie alfredo, then we all played a super long game of Uno before the girls went to bed. The rest of us watched an episode of The Office, and then I came home.

I checked on the tadpoles just before going to bed, and much to my dread, over half of them looked to have perished. There were just mounds of them on the floor of the fish bowl. I spent a couple hours trying to sort out the living from the dead, but they preferred to mingle. I rigged up a bigger container for confirmed live ones, then sank a smaller container with the rest of the mix so the live ones could swim out overnight, leaving the dead behind. We’ll see how it goes in the morning, I guess.

Everything was great until it wasn’t.

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