Tic Season

The weather today was perfect. Jason surprised me with a touch panel install scheduled for this afternoon at the junior high with Ryan and Allen. When I met up with Allen at lunch, he acted like he had no idea about it, so I directed him to his email. As he sat reading it, he kept saying he was trying to find who it was addressed to, and I had to remind him that he was the recipient because that’s how he was able to read it.

I ran home after we finished eating because my new Ticwatch E had arrived from Amazon. I scored a lightning deal for $121, and it definitely feels worth that. It’s a bit on the thick side, and obviously made of plastic, but the software is responsive. It did seem to drain my phone battery over twice as fast as usual, but that may have been a fluke due to still having my Pebble nearby. Tomorrow will be a better test.

We got the touch panel installed after school, along with some new cabling as well. Ryan was a huge help as always. I felt kind of bad for not being more prepared, but I found out about the install the same time they did. That wrapped up the workday, then I went straight to my parents’ house for some leftover fish soup.

When I got home, I waited for Clint and Jack to get on to play. Clint and I started with a few rounds of Overwatch before Jack joined us for PUBG. There was a new game mode with three teams of 10 that was pretty interesting. I didn’t love it, but it’s nice that they’re still trying new things.


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