A Quiet Surprise

I took today off since Summer had to take Noah in to get braces. We went to Conway to catch a matinee showing of A Quiet Place. We were one of only like three groups of people in the whole theater, the largest in the house, so we had plenty of room to breathe. Just before the movie started, a younger lady came walking into this horror movie with a baby in a stroller and a toddler. I almost lost my shit. After stewing for a while, I came to the acceptance that if you’re going to bring children to a horror movie in the theater, at least do it during a matinee showing with only a couple other parties in the room.

How could I object?

To my surprise and delight, the kids behaved mostly well, and the mostly-silent movie went on without too much interruption. It was more suspense than horror, but that didn’t keep Summer from going white-knuckled, crushing my hand within the first ten minutes. Ultimately, it was probably her that left the theater with the most emotional scarring.

After the movie, we had to come straight home to pick up the girls. We stopped by Kroger on the way back and got raw materials to create spaghetti. She didn’t have any sauce at home like she thought, so we ended up having to make another trip to Dollar General for that, but overall everything turned out great. Much success.

We wrapped up the girls’ evening with a game of Uno, then watched a few episodes of The Office with Noah before I headed home for bed.

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