Much Ado About Everything

I had scheduled a meeting with Sara and a teacher from another campus this morning to help her trim a video for the National Board. Sara was out sick and had forgotten, so I managed by myself. Turns out, she just had to read the instructions, and it would have provided a link to free software.

I made it to the junior high and kept myself mostly busy, but I’m sure it looked like I wasn’t doing anything at all. I ended up having an early lunch with Ronda and Jennifer, then ran to get Summer some Taco Bell because she had presumably forgotten what solid food was like.

I wrapped up the afternoon by swapping ceiling tiles in a couple of classrooms in order to move an old sound system for use in a different room. I’ve still got to figure out the actual wiring since I don’t have power in the ceiling for an amplifier, but I’ll figure something out. I managed to get all of this done by myself, so there’s not really any need to wait for a group day.

After work, Josh came over to show off his new Whitestone Dome Glass for his Pixel 2 XL. We managed to finish the whole process in a relatively short amount of time, and with great success. The installation hardware was perfect, and the end result was great. I wasn’t positive the adhesive had fully cured because it still seemed to ooze liquid from the sides, but time will tell.

From there, I went to eat leftover fish soup with Mom on her birthday. Dad had to work late for outage, and I’m sure Julie did as well, so maybe we’ll take her out to eat over the weekend or something.

When I got back home, Clint and I played the new Overwatch: Retribution event until Aaron joined us and we switched to PUBG. Apparently people are calling it Plunkbat, which is supposed to roll off the tongue better. Whatever. I’m playing hooky tomorrow.

Tic tic tic tic

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