Torchlight with Bae

My audio alarm went off this morning after the lights had reached peak brightness. I wish the audio could start halfway through the raising of the lights, but right now it doesn’t seem possible.

I managed to get up and around earlier than usual and headed in to work. There wasn’t really much going on, but I did manage to help a few people with things before lunch. I met Dale, Allen, and Jason at KFC and ate too much chicken, which made me super sleepy in the afternoon. I eventually just had to get up and start cleaning my office before I fell asleep. After the kids left, I finished running some speaker wire to wrap up one of my last two stagnant work orders.

After work, I came home and started some laundry, then waited around until someone got online to play. First it was Keno with someĀ PUBG, and then Summer got on to play someĀ Torchlight II. We finally found each other and wandered around a dungeon until it was past our bedtime.

Tomorrow is for bikes and pizza.

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