Seekers Notes

This morning went by pretty quickly. I found a couple slices of wheat bread in the lounge that were free for the taking, so I had them for a late breakfast before meeting Jesica at Stoby’s for lunch. She finally gave me my financial planner, and I got the same anxiety I always get when I look at this kind of stuff, and I wanted to sail away toward the horizon. My off-menu peppered burger was great, if a bit messy. I knew the waitress would go with a burger though.

After lunch, I solved a bit of a mystery that was keeping me from deploying some classroom management software to one of my labs. I think I gained just a little more approval from Ryan, so that was great. I stayed at work a bit late until the girls got home, then I went to pick up Summer to go to Ruby Tuesday for a BoGo deal I had.

When we got back to her house after dinner, we watched a couple more episodes of The Office before I headed home for bed.

I didn’t realize I had to get to level 11 and then complete a bunch more tasks!

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