Complimentary Employee

We didn’t have much team work to do today, but I managed to volunteer for a couple jobs to pass the time. First, I helped Zach run a line for central office’s panic button. Evidently they want the button to only lock down their office and not the Gardner campus right across the street. For something so safety-focused, that sure doesn’t make any sense at all.

After we finished that, I went to the junior high for a bit until lunch. I convinced Jason and Allen to go to Brown’s Catfish so I could use my birthday voucher. They had some interesting new things for lunch, including a burrito casserole which was pretty good.

In the afternoon, I volunteered to help Ryan and Ben with a touch panel install at Center Valley. Ryan complimented me by saying, “thanks for helping.” That’s two days in a row for me. I also figured out some things about an Avaya phone using my brain parts, which earned me a pass on the second of some 600 tests. I’m really on a roll.

After work, I went home and played a couple rounds of PUBG with Keno before cleaning up and heading to Summer’s for the evening. She’s got a half marathon tomorrow, so she wants me to take the girls to watch when they wake up.

I guess I’ll have to call it a dull early night.

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