Runaround Shoe

Summer went to her half marathon this morning, and it was up to me to get up with the kids to meet her before she got to the end. I watched her on Google Maps as she raced past miles 2, 5, and then 10 by the time I made it out of the shower. I got everyone up, and we drove to Hardee’s where I was going to grab some breakfast and wait for her to run by, but we spotted her just as I parked, so we drove closer to the finish and walked up to find her there. She finished in just two hours and 12 minutes, and paid for it the rest of the day.

We got the girls back home, then I left to clean house and prepare for Jesica’s visit and a Suddenlink appointment in the early afternoon. They arrived at the same time, with him being about half an hour early for his two-hour window. He was super cool, and I ended up helping him run a new line from the pole down to the house. In the end, I was left not much better than before. Three of my 32 channels have a sub-optimal SNR, which evidently causes my modem to completely stop responding until I cycle power about once a day. He left me with enough cable and four ends to re-run my inside wiring, since I already have plans to run a bunch of cable in the house anyway.

Jesica had to leave just before he finished up, and then the girls showed up shortly after that. Summer was still suffering quite a bit from the marathon, so Autumn and I went to her parents’ house to feed their clowder of cats. We stopped by 10Box on the way home to pick up some food for the next day, then made it home to pick at leftovers. My parents stopped by with some bánh mì that everyone but Autumn tried and loved, and we settled in for an episode of Cosmos.

The girls went to bed, and I loaded up some PUBG with Clint, Aaron, and Jack to round out the night.

    – Guy in a T-Rex Costume

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