Donut Be Alarmed

Teacher appreciation week continued today with a ton of sweets. I didn’t swipe anything from the break room today because I still had my apple fritter that Summer got me yesterday. I spent all day finishing up work orders until lunch time. Ronda and Steven met me at CiCi’s for a free buffet for teachers. Jason and Allen were already there because I went half an hour late.

After work, I went to my parents’ house to try and eat, but I was still just too full. We watched the Google I/O 2018 keynote, and Mom got super excited about the Assistant stuff, but quickly lost interest and understanding as the presentation went on. She and Dad were both excited about Morse code being added to Gboard. Dad was creeped out by the robot overlords.

When I got home, I was hot and moody enough to turn on my portable air conditioner in the bedroom. It got me cold pretty quickly, and the rest of the house isn’t too bad. I should probably call someone tomorrow anyway.

Robots use filler words now?

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