Hot with the Cold

I’m still dealing with a pretty bad head cold. Or maybe it’s allergies. I should get tested, because my head has been killing me lately.

I cleaned up a bunch of work orders today, because I was in the double digits. I still have a few more to go, but at least everything has progress. I never got super hungry, and I never heard from anyone for lunch, so I scavenged a leftover sandwich from teacher appreciation week.

About teacher appreciation week….

Teachers get a whole week of celebration just for showing up nine months out of the year. They already get paid more for working fewer contract days. Teachers are super important, and the good ones deserve the recognition. But then I got an email from one of the admins announcing that he had forgotten to award the classified staff of the month for the past three months. One of our months didn’t even get awarded, because our staff is small enough that they wouldn’t allow repeats, but also wanted to avoid awarding someone who had been written up within the past few months. Best not to give anyone a $25 gas card than have someone feelĀ too appreciated.

So I stole my sandwich, and I ate it with bitterness in my heart.

After work, I came home and did all I could to cool the house down. I didn’t have any new ant infiltrations, which was nice. The bar is set pretty low.

Jack eventually got online and we played some doubles inĀ PUBG. Several quick games, and a couple longer ones. Nothing to write home about. Just as he got off, Aaron got on, so I played one with him before bed.

Can’t I just drill out my sinus cavities?

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